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Cane Corso Puppy Care

Caring for a Cane Corso breed in general, is not an easy task. As a new owner, you will probably have no idea what to do with your pup or how to take care of it. You may not know where to start when it comes to feeding, bathing and grooming your dog for its best possible appearance.

Caring for a Cane Corso Puppy

Taking care of a Cane Corso puppy is not much different than taking care of an adult Cane Corso. The same principles still apply, but you will have to be more attentive to your pup's needs as it grows and develops.

One of the most important things you can do for your Cane Corso pup is to make sure it gets plenty of exercise. The Cane Corso was bred for high levels of energy and athleticism, and if it does not get enough exercise, its behavior and overall health can suffer. This breed needs plenty of room to run and an owner who is willing to provide their pup with a lot of activity, both mental and physical.

Cane Corsos' are large dogs with powerful jaws that can become an aggressive menace without proper training. Socialization with other dogs helps the Cane Corso learn how to interact properly in canine company, but socialization with people is just as important so your dog will enjoy being around people as well as other animals.

The Cane Corso has a short coat made up of short hair that requires very little maintenance aside from regular baths and the occasional trim.


Grooming a Cane Corso is not much different than grooming any other dog breed. In general, you will want to brush your pup's coat several times a week in order to get rid of dead hair that can cause the fur to become matted. You will also need to clean out your dog's ears regularly in order to prevent wax buildup. Brushing its teeth at least once a week is another important part of maintaining your corso's dental health. Even though the Cane Corso has a short coat, it is a very heavy coat and it sheds a lot. On average, your Cane Corso will shed at least once a year, sometimes twice, but this cycle can be accelerated or slowed depending on the dog's environment. You will also need to clean up after your Cane Corso if it starts marking its territory in your home.


Cane Corso Puppy Care: Feeding and Nutrition, Cane Corso Pups and Food, How Much to Feed a Cane Corso Puppy?

When it comes to feeding your Cane Corso puppy, you will need to provide it with a high-quality diet that will help it grow into a healthy adult dog. Puppy food is specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of young dogs, and it is important to make sure your pup eat this type of food until it reaches maturity. You should also avoid feeding your pup table scraps or giving it too many treats, as these can lead to obesity and other health problems.

Water should always be available to your pup, and you should provide fresh water every day. Depending on where you live, you may also have to give your dog ice cubes in the summertime to help keep them cool.

Feeding Schedule for a Cane Corso Puppy

A puppy that is 8-12 weeks old should be fed 3 – 4 meals per day with an increase to four – five meals as it gets older. After reaching one year of age, you should switch to two feedings per day until the dog becomes a senior citizen at about 7 years of age. Beef, Lamb and Chicken are excellent meats to feed your Cane Corso as long as they come from a high-quality source.

Health and Exercise

Cane Corso Puppy Care: Exercise and Good Health, Cane Corso Pups and Exercise, How Much Exercise Does a Cane Corso Need?

The Cane Corso was bred to be a working dog with massive amounts of energy, so it is important that you get your pup started early on the right paw when it comes to exercise. These dogs need at least one hour of vigorous exercise per day in order to stay happy and healthy. Running alongside your Cane Corso as it chases after a Frisbee is an excellent way for both of you to get some much-needed activity and reduce pent up energy. You also want to make sure your pup gets plenty of mental stimulation during the day by playing games.


Cane Corsos are relatively easy to bathe, but they shed a lot of loose fur which can make bathing more of a chore than it is worth. If your dog gets dirty or rolls in something foul smelling, however, you will need to give them a bath before it can go outdoors.

Cane Corso pups who have longer coats will require regular grooming in order to prevent mats from forming that will be difficult to work out later on. You should also brush your pup's teeth at least once per week in order to maintain good dental health. If you notice any signs of illness or injury, contact your vet immediately so he can provide you with advice and treatment options for your pup.


Training a Cane Corso puppy is not an easy task. In fact, you may find that it is one of the more difficult breeds of dog that you have ever trained. That being said, an untrained or poorly trained Cane Corso can cause problems for its owner as well as other people who live in the same household.

It will be up to you to provide your pup with the necessary amount of socialization so they will enjoy spending time around people and other animals instead of acting aggressively towards them. This will require regular trips to the dog park so your Cane Corso can play with other pups and learn how to socialize properly.


Cane Corso pups are very intelligent, but they are also stubborn which makes it difficult for them to understand housebreaking rules. This is why you may need professional training if your Cane Corso continues to have accidents in the house after it reaches six months of age. Otherwise, most owners find that crate training their Cane Corso works best because most Cane Corso puppies do not like to soil where they sleep. Crate training is also beneficial during house-training because it provides your pup with a safe place where he can go when you cannot watch him closely enough.

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